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‘There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.' Writer, Vicki Baum.

Dancing is a great way to meet new people, have fun and also a way that anyone and everyone can stay in shape and gain a range of positive health benefits. These include better flexibility, strength and stamina, and reduced stress.

At Ludus Dance, we understand that dance doesn't just help your physical wellbeing, it can help your self-confidence and just make you feel like smiling!

We're open to anyone of any age or any ability too in a warm and welcoming environment.

`I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after I experienced the ‘too-fast' birth of my son at home. When I started I was really anxious and I explained that to the session leader. They listened to me and helped me settle in at my own pace. It didn't matter – and still doesn't – if I get it right or not. It's about enjoying it. It gives me a buzz and always puts a smile on my face. The positive feelings I get are far better than being on antidepressants. It takes the weight of the world off my shoulders and without Ludus Dance I'd still have been rocking in a corner!'


‘Taking part in the class helps me both mentally and physically. My flexibility has improved and I find it helps relieve quite a lot of the weekly stress you experience at work! I have met lovely people. I was a bit worried about going back into ballet classes at 41, but I have discovered that I'm not too bad at it still, and this has really boosted my confidence to do more dancing! To sum up my experience of Ludus Dance in one word... ‘quality', and that applies to the teachers, the location, the support and the studio.'


Spring Term 2017 runs from Monday 9th January until Saturday 8th April.
Classes will not run during half term break (Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th February)

Open Contemporary

What it is - An energising class which includes a range of dance sequences inspired by different contemporary dance styles and techniques.

Who it's for - An open and welcoming class for beginners or those with previous experience in any dance style.

When it is - Tuesday 7:00 - 8:15 pm.

Cost - £6.50 per session (£6.00 conc)

Class Leader - Ellen Jeffrey

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Open Ballet

What it is - A general ballet class which focuses on technique, strength, accuracy and flow

Who it's for - Anyone who wishes to experience the discipline, beauty and elegance of ballet - all levels of ability, including beginners welcome.

When it is - Thursday 7:00 - 8:15 pm.

Cost - £6.50 per session (£6.00 conc)

Class Leader - Jenny Reeves

Beginners Tap

What it is - Find your dancing feet in this fun and friendly tap class. Ideal for complete beginners or those of you wishing to try a new discipline. Tap dancing improves general fitness, develops inner rhythm and timing as well as stimulating brain activity and creativity. You'll feel an increase in your flexibility, balance and precision and most of all you'll have a great time!

Who it's for- Suitable for absolute beginners and those with some previous experience (possibly from childhood). Tap shoes are beneficial but aren't strictly necessary at first.

When it is - Thursday 6:00 - 7:00pm.

Cost - £5.50 per session (£5.00 conc.)

Class Leader - Jenny Reeves

Stretch and Boogie (40+ years)

What it is - A focus on mobility and fitness with light stretches and blissful boogie.

Who it's for- Anyone over 40, regardless of experience, who loves to dance.

When it is - Monday 6.00 - 7.00pm.

Cost - £5.50 per session (£5.00 conc.)

Class Leader - Ellen Turner 

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RetroSpective Performance Group (40+ years)

Please note that there has been a recent price change for this class. Please contact Ludus Dance on 01524 35936, regarding booking. 

What it is - Step ahead with this opportunity to grow your performance skills, develop technique and build self confidence through a range of exciting dance styles.

Who it's for - Anyone aged 40 years plus with dance experience, who would like to develop their self-expression and are looking for performance opportunities.

When it is - Monday 7:00 - 8:15pm

Class Leader - Ellen Turner

How to join - The RetroSpective Performance Group devises and rehearses pieces for pre-planned performances. If you are interested in joining, please contact us on 01524 35936 and we will arrange for you to speak to the class leader who can tell you more about the group and advise on the best time to begin attending.

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