Our Mission  

As Lancashire's leading dance development organisation, our mission is simple – to inspire and engage people through dance.

We feel that there's no better testament to our work than through the people who've been involved with us. Here's what other people have to say about Ludus Dance.

Christopher Thompson, Director of Creative Teaching and Learning at The Place

‘Ludus has survived and thrived not only because it has consistently upped its game in terms of production and artistic quality, but crucially because it has made dance a part of people's lives in an enduring way.'

Brendan Keaney, Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Dance East

‘Ludus is about educating young people through Dance, not about simply introducing them to Dance. Dance is a tool; it is not the end itself.'

Kip Johnson, professional dance artist

‘Ludus Dance was the catalyst that has got me to where I am today.'

Sarah Hall, Dance Development Officer for Blackpool & Wyre and freelance dance artist

‘Ludus Dance made dance accessible for me in a way I'd never really experienced before in terms of opportunity and affordability – they help everyone to ‘have a go'. It gave me an insight into what working in the dance industry would be like. It felt real and it felt current and it was something I just wouldn't have got at a private dance school. Everything I'm doing is testament to what Ludus Dance is.'

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